Integration of heterogeneous systems on the enterprise

If the organization to automate business processes of the enterprise is not engaged in a professional company with an integral approach, and several individual contractors everyone in his unit, it is often such a situation arises when the individual systems work well, but at the same time Enterprise automation as a whole is in a sorry state. The main reason for this situation is the fact that Botdelnye system for automating business processes can work, but do not be sufficiently linked. For example, accounting for their needs using 1C, while the sales department - SalesForce, and production department in general accounting system samopisnymi merchandise. When the characteristics of each of these systems were evaluated from the perspective of the head of each of the respective departments, they seemed to be most effective. And when in the practical work needed to integrate them together to the warehouse can send information on the shipped goods to the accounting department and the sales department to transmit orders to the warehouse, it turned out that the easiest way to transfer all the data into Excel and manipulate with their hands. In this case, if the employees of a department are used to working with a certain system, then they would not for the world would agree to move to some other, just because it is more convenient to another department.

most often have to solve such problems:

  • The transfer of accounting data in the CRM-system used in the enterprise;
  • Transfer data from a user from the site or from the sales department in the company database;
  • Providing timely access to information from different systems for managers in a single interface;
  • Combining interaction systems between the employees and customer interaction systems;
  • Processing received from customers or counterparties data and add them to CRM or ERP system of the enterprise.

Group Companies Alliance helped no one dozen companies caught in a situation where the interaction between the parts of the enterprise so slow that called into question the relevance of the use of any systems-or parts of it, to get out of this situation with minimal disruption for both management and staff. We know how to make friends with each other any system, even those that work in different paradigms or operating systems. We can make all data from various systems into a single register and create interfaces for instant transfer of data from one system to another.

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