Organization of the dining room at the enterprise

Организация столовой на предприятииAny modern company committed to the development, growth and increased profits. In order to achieve a high standard of performance, the head of the staff need to create comfortable working conditions that enhance its performance. Not the last role is played by the organization of proper nutrition workers.

Self Organization canteens afford not every leader, because it requires to carry out a range of preparatory activities, including the selection of appropriate standards of facilities, purchase and installation of equipment, establish contacts with suppliers of products for the preparation of meals as well as the hiring of chefs and distributed. All this is troublesome and requires a significant investment, which developing enterprise can not be.

Организация питанияHere comes in our company ALLIANCE NARP, which can release the head from worries over the organization of work in the company canteen. In addition, cooperation with our company will help minimize food costs of staff and get the highest quality service. We organize your catering staff on a permanent basis. To do this, you do not need to provide a specially equipped dining room, you just need to allow us any free space, where we bring food in special hermetic cold boxes. Will only be expanded lunch portions and distribute it to the employees in the cafeteria or on the table.

Организация работы столовой на предприятииOur company can offer dishes in a wide range, each of which is their natural ingredients prepared in compliance with all hygiene standards. Product quality is confirmed at the international level, and a high quality service and affordable prices for all meals become a pleasant surprise for your employees.

Benefits of treatment in our company:

  • Catering not require specially equipped canteen;
  • We have our own pastoral economy, which has more than 380 head of cattle;
  • In addition, we grow more than 120 species of fruits and vegetables;
  • The quality of our products is confirmed not only in Russia, but also at the international level;
  • Every day we prepare food for more than 20,800 people;
  • We offer the lowest price with the highest level of service quality.

Our advantages

Length of work

Work experience of production since 1991. The company was purchased by GK alliance in 2008 and completely restructured.

Ladoga station

Catering in the construction of the Ladoga station. Highest score of the Governor while testing the power of employees of the construction company.


The catering staff at the plant satellites are Hyundai.

Terms and prices

The set menu115 to 155 rub.
First courseMeat dishGarnish
Afternoon snack+45 rub.
Flour productsDrink

Our contacts

St. Petersburg,
Leninsky Prospekt 168.
Warsaw highway 1.
8 (800) 700-00-11

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