Shuttle buses personnel

Many businesses, office buildings and shopping centers are located on the outskirts of St. Petersburg or at all outside the city limits. Employees of such companies is problematic enough to get to work, so business owners are trying to organize the delivery of employees to and from work.
However, keep its own fleet with drivers coming smaller firms can not afford - it's too expensive. In addition, the organization of transport services - this is a matter that requires the most careful preparation.
This will help to solve the problem of handling the company ALLIANCE AUTO, the main activity of which is conveying employees commercial and non-profit organizations , large enterprises in St. Petersburg. We offer a range of services for the transport service production , which aims at maintaining discipline time in your company. Our service includes a service conveying staff from work to home and from home to work, and service staff from work to the subway and back, if necessary, we do Shuttle buses staff night .

In possession of our company is a large fleet fleet, including 485 pieces of equipment, so that we can carry out the transportation of passengers as buses and trucks. All vehicles are in good condition and undergo regular technical inspection and cleaning. All our drivers have Russian citizenship, have extensive experience in the transportation and they know the city.
We also offer services Shuttle buses to luxury cars, for example, for distribution management staff of enterprises or organizations meeting business partners at a high level.
If you are interested in the services of our company and want to learn more - call these phones .
our operators will advise you on all issues will explain some of the nuances and help determine the schedule, route and mode of the vehicle.
Shuttle buses employees in St. Petersburg with the maximum comfort with minimum fees - ALLIANCE AUTO.

Business Products


Shuttle buses employees of hotels, restaurants and cinemas staff. Shuttle buses employees on passenger cars and minivans to create rapid logistics in the city and beyond.

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Staff Shuttle buses from the metro to the company and back. Shuttle buses personnel from home to work and from work to home. Transportation workers using buses and minibuses. Absolutely all the buses of the highest quality and professional drivers know the route.

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Shuttle buses NIGHT

Many industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as construction work around the clock in an effort to maximize profits and firmly consolidate its position on the market today. With this schedule the staff of enterprises usually work in different shifts, including in the night, so the leadership of the company raises the question of organization razvozok night.

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Our advantages


Our robot

Intelligent Robot LGR log 88988 with integrated GPS and GLONASS module that allows to design and carry out any logistical operations in real time and under real road conditions.

Our cameras

Set at 2,500 units throughout the North-West of Russia online servers cameras in real-time monitor the traffic situation and send this information to our control center for processing.

Our equipment

Our fleet consists of 485 pieces of equipment of various types and purposes, which will promptly execute any order by conveying your employees, since the situation is the lack of transport we have excluded.

Winter period

In winter, all our buses are in an institution able to round the clock, which allows us, at any time, without advance idle to warm up in the right place.


All our buses are high class and not older than 3-5 years. All MOT etc. time.

Verified DRIVERS

All our drivers are tested and medical analysis daily.


Opel Zafira 2011+

MAN 2011+ (80 seats)

Chevrolet Lacetti 2011+

KIA 2010+ (80 seats)

Ford Focus 2010+

Volvo 2009+ (50 seats)

Nissan Almera 2010+

Mercedes Sprinter 2013+
(19 seats)

Chevrolet Cruze 2010+


Volkswagen Crafter 2012+ (13 seats)
Fiat Ducato 2012+ (13 seats)
Citroen Jumper 2013+ (13 seats)

About company

  • HA ALLIANCE exists in the Russian market since 2008.

    We entered the market at the peak of the crisis in our country to help entrepreneurs thoroughly reduce their costs. That is why we know how to do it correctly. And we did it!

    The crisis is over, and we continue to help our customers reduce costs, without stopping.

  • HA ALLIANCE - complex problem solving.

    The system of our company - the synthesis of 24-hour working day and seven-day work week.

    Today, permanent staff, constantly working in our group of companies - more than 1,450 people!

    The system of our company - employment growth and the performance of each employee.

  • The company's goal - the adaptation of the market under the economic efficiency of the system.

    Our aim is that each of our partners involved in its direct operations with a maximum expenditure of time and effort just for this activity and did not waste any time, nor the power of the questions that we can solve.


Our contacts

St. Petersburg,
Leninsky Prospekt 168.
Warsaw highway 1.
8 (800) 700-00-11

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