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Imagine an athlete with problems in the blood supply or formula one car with a bad oil pump. It is impossible, simply because any effective system automatically implies the existence of a good infrastructure. All processes must take place within smoothly, without a hitch, without a hitch. And most importantly, it should be possible to look at the whole picture and to plan the further development of the system.

The modern market - it is a war for life and death. Bone, bad Soviet-style related businesses simply can not survive in a competitive market. When the right hand does not know what the left is doing, when the company has no strategic goal, no metrics for understanding, are used efficiently manpower and assets of the company, it quickly goes to the bottom. Today, a key requirement for effective enterprise - speed flow of internal processes and The alignment of all processes in order to achieve the common goal of the company.

ERP-system - these are systems that allow you to automate, accelerate and make as transparent as all the internal processes in the enterprise, as well as to their general accounting and strategic management. For example, you can keep a record of goods in stock, its movement from the warehouse to the counter and decision-makers at each stage using one laptop and a barcode reader. Or you can follow every step of purchase and shipment of the effectiveness of each loader and the cashier, and even that the products with the highest risk of damage or delay brought more responsible employees or improved technology. In this account, and even strategic risk management can lead one qualified person or a small department. ERP-system to minimize human labor to conduct internal statistics and accounting, as well as increase the efficiency of the enterprise due to the rapid detection of weak links in the supply chain, and the choice of an optimal strategy for the use of resources of the enterprise.

The information system of modern enterprise implies almost complete abandonment of paper documents within the enterprise. No longer need to write endless overhead and rake the mountain of waste paper each time something is lost. Reports are generated in two mouse clicks and equipment will not only generate these reports, but also to analyze them. If implementation of logistics automation and Enterprise Asset Management done professionally, the Executive Director will not even detect problems that just will not, and their tendency to rise.

Group of Companies Alliance has experience in automation of warehouse operations on the basis of ready-made solutions, such as 1C or Microsoft Dynamics, but also writing their own systems "turnkey" for midsize and large businesses. Our systems are successfully implemented in dozens of enterprises in Russia and Eastern Europe. The median increase in logistics performance after the implementation of ERP-systems under the leadership of the company Alliance Navigation 40% in term of one year and more than 150% in term of 5 years.

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