Shuttle buses employees: collar

After a protracted event or after a long day, most managers are trying to organize conveying employees. This is especially true for organizations that are at a distance from the city center. Order a taxi is expensive, contain its own fleet for distribution troublesome, and will need a lot of funds. But there is a way out of the situation. Company ALLIANCE AUTO offers services in conveying employees working in the service industry, from work to home and back at a price that will delight you.

Развозка сотрудников гостиницIn the possession of our company is a big fleet with vehicles suitable for organizations of all sizes. For distribution of a large number of personnel, we offer comfortable buses, moreover we can realize conveying employees in vans or cars.

Each vehicle has passed inspection and is in good condition, and drivers have extensive experience in the transportation and perfectly oriented to the city and region. So you can be sure that your employees will be transported home or to work safely.

Развозка сотрудников в Санкт-ПетербургеShuttle buses employees can be performed on an ongoing basis and only once - it all depends on the wishes of the client. For example, in cases where it is necessary to bring staff home after a protracted event bought a one-time service. But when I get to work or home from work is problematic, for example, because of the night shift, the ordered services on a permanent basis. Our company can provide transport for transportation of ordinary employees, and administration and management.

Автопарк АЛЬЯНС АВТОOur company offers conveying staff restaurants, conveying employees of hotels, conveying personnel cinemas, there is a possibility razvozki night. Upon customer request made conveying staff cars within the city and beyond.

Our advantages:

  • Reducing the cost of conveying employees;
  • The cost of 21 to 24 rubles per 1 km;
  • Fast car delivery;
  • Delivery personnel in the shortest period of cars;
  • Free expectation;
  • Delivery Officer to the front;
  • Monthly payment upon work performed;
  • 485 units.


To order your desired services or advice, you can call us and operators of our call-center will help you navigate and respond to your questions.


Opel Zafira 2011+

MAN 2011+ (80 seats)

Chevrolet Lacetti 2011+

KIA 2010+ (80 seats)

Ford Focus 2010+

Volvo 2009+ (50 seats)

Nissan Almera 2010+

Mercedes Sprinter 2013+
(19 seats)

Chevrolet Cruze 2010+


Volkswagen Crafter 2012+ (13 seats)
Fiat Ducato 2012+ (13 seats)
Citroen Jumper 2013+ (13 seats)


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