Automation of the sales

The dream of every business owner is a business that sells itself. Thus, ideally, a business must grow their own and be independent of the individual frames. This can only be achieved partial or complete automation of the sales department. The fact that the sales team like no other depends on the human factor. If the Director of Sales talented and enterprising people, the business is growing and thriving. If the sales department manages apathetic or disinterested people, and the whole business begins to fade.

Many CEOs and even business owners spend a huge amount of their own time trying to keep the company afloat through personal sales, but a serious and long-term business on personal sales is very difficult to build. Here comes in the sales department, built with the modern realities of the business. This sales office, workplace employee is an increasingly important element of the system than the employee. An employee can be fired and replaced, but his workplace does not lose its effectiveness. Because automation (CRM-system) dictates the procedures and monitors their performance is much better, any head of sales. Incidentally, the latter, too, becomes a shadow of your seat, because all control procedures and support that is usually borne by the Director of Sales, too, perfectly amenable to automation.

Labor Day sales manager with a well-organized system, starting with the fact that it is checked against the work plan that has been prepared CRM-system. Here and old contacts with whom to contact in connection with the onset of certain events, such as the appearance of new products in the product line of the company. Immediately and new contacts, which do not need to look for yourself, because they are already prepared and carefully sorted the system. Perhaps in the task list will remind you of birthdays of any of the customer or an indication of the need to check the execution of any order sent to one of the wards of employees. In fact, CRM-system - a task scheduler, which allows for planning and working time for the whole department at the same time. And of course, the main asset of any CRM-system is an effective lead tracking. Through automation, the manager can promise the customer to contact him after six months and then forget about it, because the system will remind him of this promise just in time. And if by the time the manager will not be working for a company, a reminder together with the entire history of interaction with the client will receive his receiver.

CRM-system allows you to continuously increase sales and allows one manager to lead not a dozen, and several hundred customers without losing quality. Even the staff having worked in companies with high levels of Automation sales is no longer want to work in a different environment, because a powerful CRM-system allows everyone to get what they deserved, and not arbitrarily Director of Sales.

Group of Companies Alliance began his ascent to Olympus in the field of management consulting and enterprise management efficiency just with automation own department Customer. Since then, we have managed to help solve their problems in the field of customer service and increase customer base, dozens of medium and large businesses. Starting from sales of credit departments of banks, finishing automation issuing insurance policies. During our work we had to implement CRM-solution-based systems such as: Sugar CRM, SharePoint, vTiger, Microsoft Dynamics, 1c-Bitrix, Sales Force, Red Mine, Terrasoft CRM and many others.

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