Cleaning Services

Cleaning company ALLIANCE CRYSTAL perform high-quality cleaning with the use of innovative technologies, the best cleaning equipment, equipment and professional chemistry.
We make the following Cleaning Services in St. Petersburg: cleaning factories, premises after repair, apartments, houses, cottages, offices, and commercial spaces.

As a cleaning company ALLIANCE CRYSTAL working professionals who are ready to perform a professional cleaning on objects of any complexity.

As our customers are not just individuals - and we go to harvest the largest in the city shopping, entertainment and industrial facilities, including warehouses and industrial premises.
Depending on the customer's wishes, we are ready to make one-time fee or a contract for a long period of service facility. Our fees generated as follows - in direct costs are added to the cleaning staff costs, a percentage for unforeseen costs and our commission. So complete the final price, which does not change, even if there has been an actual rise in the signed contract for any reason.

Business products

Cleaning Industry

"Alliance CRYSTAL" offers the service of industrial cleaning. Cleaning of industrial premises - plants, factories, warehouses facilities requires a special approach to the organization of work and in training.

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Cleaning after repair

Cleaning after renovation or construction is associated with the removal of contaminants from complex building materials (cement, paints, construction dust, etc.) and removal of construction debris. In this case, cleaning the premises can not do without special equipment and professional chemistry.

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Office Cleaning

Professional cleaning of offices, hotels and other commercial premises in St. Petersburg - a service that helps you live a full life and do not waste your time and your employees to maintain cleanliness. A team of specialists and come as soon as possible brings cleanliness and order in the areas of your organization.

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Our advantages


Our prices

The cost of our services is in perfect proportion to their quality: that is, for more than a competitive price you get a high-class service for the truly European level. Try it and see for yourself!

Our quality

High qualification, professional equipment and tools - all this allows us to provide the best quality cleaning services;

Our technique

Modern cleaning equipment our staff includes a wide range of devices and machines, enabling them to significantly increase the speed and quality of cleaning.

Our clients

Our customers value their time ordering cleaning services with us. Cleaning - a necessary service for modern people who understand that every job is better to entrust professionals.


Our staff

The highly qualified staff of our company have the best quality cleaning services.



Best Company 2010
Best Company in 2011

Our equipment

Pressure WashersHousehold vacuum cleaners
Sweeping equipmentVacuum cleaners professional
Floor cleaning equipmentCarpet extractors

About company

  • HA ALLIANCE exists in the Russian market since 2008.

    We entered the market at the peak of the crisis in our country to help entrepreneurs thoroughly reduce their costs. That is why we know how to do it correctly. And we did it!

    The crisis is over, and we continue to help our customers reduce costs, without stopping.

  • HA ALLIANCE - complex problem solving.

    The system of our company - the synthesis of 24-hour working day and seven-day work week.

    Today, permanent staff, constantly working in our group of companies - more than 1,450 people!

    The system of our company - employment growth and the performance of each employee.

  • The company's goal - the adaptation of the market under the economic efficiency of the system.

    Our aim is that each of our partners involved in its direct operations with a maximum expenditure of time and effort just for this activity and did not waste any time, nor the power of the questions that we can solve.


Our contacts

St. Petersburg,
Leninsky Prospekt 168.
Warsaw highway 1.
8 (800) 700-00-11

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