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In modern society, antiquated methods of administration built on personal relationships, a good memory and a huge archive of documents are not appropriate. Today's official should have instant access to all necessary information to solve any issue, and today a citizen wants to be able to quickly access any official monitoring and review process his request.

Most of the government agencies have already mastered the Internet to publish information to the public. In some institutions introduced some form of automatic recording and processing of citizens and current work. Finally, public databases and monitoring movements of municipal property introduced almost everywhere. But the potential of information systems is not exhausted, and society is constantly moving forward, both in their demands and technical possibilities.

At the same time in government, as elsewhere, we need a system that uses a painless change of leadership or persons occupying certain positions. In a democratic society, persons holding key positions, inevitably give way, and it was, well staged process automation allows new leader quickly delve into the swing of things and start to work effectively from the first day in his new post.

Group of Companies Alliance is working to help public authorities to increase the level of service provided to citizens and ensure that our state apparatus worked smoothly and effectively.

The software complex "system of accounting applications of citizens in electronic form"

July 30, 2010 enacted a law "On the organization of state and municipal services" and now all public authorities, local governments and officials must take treatment of citizens in electronic form . The order of consideration of applications of electronic very strictly regulated, and without specialized program it is impossible to organize.

The program complex "The accounting system of appeals of citizens in electronic form" - a ready product that exactly meets the requirements of the law.

The development of the PC "The accounting system of citizens' applications in electronic form" carried out in accordance with the federal target program "Electronic Russia (2002-2010)" and "Information Society (2011-2018 years)".

The law regulates in detail the process of receiving and reviewing applications from citizens. Thus, in accordance with the Federal Law of May 2, 2006 N 59-FZ "On the order of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation" (as amended in 2010 г.):

"Citizens have the right to appeal personally and also to submit individual and collective appeals to state agencies, local governments and officials." (v. 2, p. 1)

"the citizen (hereinafter - the application) - directed to the state agency, local government body or official in writing or in electronic form proposal, application or complaint ..." (v. 4, p. 1)

"Message received by the state agency, local government body or official in the form of an electronic document shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by this Federal Law." (v. 7, p. 3)

At the same time many of the rules specifically prohibit acceptance of applications without the use of specialized electronic systems. Thus, in accordance with the Federal Law of 27 July 2010 N 210-FZ

«On the organization of state and municipal services»:

"In providing state and municipal services in electronic form are carried out:


3) the applicant receives information on the status of the request for state or municipal services; "(v. 10)

Company Alliance Navigation offers adaptation, implementation and support of its own design - PC "The accounting system of citizens' applications in electronic form" for any government or regional the federal level. The system has already been installed in a number of institutions and shows good results in increasing the number of applications received and the speed of processing.

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