Виды занятости

1. Delivery driver to deliver the goods shop online and correspondence


    • Provide the delivery items according to the transmitted request.


      • Payment is calculated at the rate of 100 rubles per delivery made.
      • The cost of delivery is included gasoline at the rate of 6 km run and 2 calls to the client.
      • Payment outside the ring road is calculated at the rate of peri items.
      • On the day following receipt of the consignment customers call quality department. In the case of high customer loyalty driver at the discretion of the head, the premium charged.
      • There are daily prize.


        • By agreement of the possible job change 2/2, 3/1, 5/2


Chart Number of days deliveries a day Earning per day Earnings per month Award
2/215202 000r.30 000r.to develop
  252 500r.37 500r.to develop
  303 000r.45 000r.to develop
3/1 | 5/222202 000r.44 000r.to develop
  252 500r.55 000r.to develop
  303 000r.66 000r.to develop

2. Extras: conveying the staff at night


          • Delivery personnel (restaurants, cinemas, etc.) to the house according to applications.


          • Payment is according to the rate of kilometers traveled 1 km = 10 rubles.
          • In the night shift enabled mileage mileage from the landing site of the first passenger to the landing of the latter. Mileage between orders paid in full.
          • If the conveying finished outside the area of residence, with the run up to the house more than 10km, you offset the cost of spent fuel.
          • Waiting for customers compensated in excess of the 15-minute threshold at the rate of 3 rubles per minute.
          • The average range on the night of 70-100 km.
          • The average time - 3-4 hours a night.

Detailed information on conveying NIGHT MAY BE OBTAINED FROM STAND logisticians.

Labor Day

Start date

  • Working Day delivery driver begins at 10 am and ends at 23 o'clock in the evening.
  • Schedule shifts logisticians drawn up in advance for one week ahead. If necessary, unscheduled days off - this should be discussed with the logistician.
  • In a week you must work at least four shifts.
  • The working day begins and ends in strict office.
  • At 10:00 the driver receives a routing list and a set of deliveries.
  • Please check availability of supplies according to the itinerary and return a signed copy of logisticians.

Formation route traffic on the route:

1. Driver independently form a route based on the traffic situation, shipping addresses, route optimization and focusing on the delivery intervals specified in the itinerary.

2. Delays at intervals not allowed. Impose different time delivery to customers in order to optimize the route is strictly prohibited. If the route is close to the location delivery interval which does not coincide with the time travel, it is allowed to call the customer and gently ask if he would be convenient to take the goods before the specified interval.

3. Before visiting each address must call in advance and warn the client about his visit. Optimally - calls per hour, the minimum interval - 30 minutes prior to the visit to the address.

4. When calling the customer must submit, to give his name and briefly explain the essence of the call (courier delivery service online store, I'm taking you to the delivery) to announce that soon arrive at the customer's address. To contact the customer solely on you (even in cases where the client is "spear") and the name, if given middle name - contact name and otchestvu.v

5. If the client says that he can not accept the goods within the specified interval, beginning to demand delivery to a specific time interval, the driver must avoid conflict, politely tell the client that moves according to the specified route. Get into an argument with a customer is prohibited. The driver must decide for itself whether there is an opportunity to meet the client and if this is not possible - immediately report it to the call center and wait for further instructions Manager.

6. It is unacceptable for some - any issues independently communicate with the call - center online store. All questions with regards to deliveries, intervals, routes, and so on only through our call - center.

7. The driver must keep track of exchanges of money and have available denominations of 100 and 50 rubles, as well as fines, for the issuance of delivery to the customer. Tipping - purely voluntary gesture client is strictly forbidden to put the customer in a hopeless situation, forcing him to keep the change the driver.

8. If the customer wishes to buy back part of the goods - you must immediately stop ringing dispatcher and wait for further instructions.

Actions driver at address:

1. The driver picks up the goods yourself to the apartment client. It is necessary to offer the customer familiar with the contents of the box. Open the Scotch brand only in the presence of the client. Once the client has familiarized with the goods, the customer must clearly announce the amount of his order to deliver to the client a copy of the document, ask to sign their copies.

2. Do not park the vehicle in violation of traffic rules, block other cars. Do not leave your mobile phone in the car (take).


1. It is strictly forbidden to store documents (prodazhki) lurks on the street locations (dashboard, seat of the car).

2. All goods must be stored in the trunk of the car, in case the rear car window toned - not store the goods at the rear of the car. If the goods are many and you have to use the front passenger seat - to form a route so as to get rid of the "visible" box.

3. Never leave the car with the goods under the trademarks "parking / standing is prohibited", the second row, banned parking on lawns. mobile phone is strictly forbidden to leave the car at the time the customer visits.

4. It is strictly forbidden to carry money (proceeds from sales) in the pocket of a jacket, pants, etc., as well as the glove compartment. For sums of money to find a non-standard place in the car (in a file in the back of the rear seats, for example, if there are seat cover - under the cloak, and so on).

5. The vehicle must be equipped with a functioning alarm system with feedback, shock sensor must be activated.

Closure of change, delivery of funds.

1. At the end of the day the driver must come to the base to pass the money to hand over the goods produced in the stores for the subsequent delivery of goods and failure.

2. Current session is closed today, is unacceptable to come to surrender the next day.

3. At the end of the day the driver is:

  • A document confirming the delivery of funds.
  • A document confirming the delivery of the goods.

The order of payment:

Payments are made by transfer of funds to the Savings Bank card or passbook 10 to 20 of the month following that during which the work was carried out, that is, for example, payment for the calendar January 10 to February 20.

It is possible partial payment of wages in the form of compensation for the cost of gasoline in fact spent the days before the wages. Entry to prepay strictly on Mondays from 14.00 to logisticians 17.00

Award PIM
- If the driver has performed more than 20 deliveries per day while rang all the customers on time, arrived at the address on time (except in cases where the delay occurred through the fault of the organization, such as the late loading, etc.) the driver for a day, 200 rubles. In a similar case, but upon delivery of 25 and higher co-payment is 300 rubles.- In the event that the driver has not passed the funds in a timely manner (day shift) penalty is 500 rubles. For repeated violation - 1500 rubles, in the case of systematic violation - dismissal.
- The driver who made the most of all deliveries during the billing month will automatically receive a bonus of 3,000 rubles.- In the case of absenteeism per shift without a valid reason (illness, accident confirmed by a certificate) is assigned to a fine of 1,000 rubles. The Company does not seek to earn on penalties employees. In this case, the driver, released a missing driver in a regular holiday, will receive a prize of 1,000 rubles.
- supplement of 300 to 500 rubles in case the driver took a "foreign sector"- Missed address without warning the client and logistics - delivery is not paid. If the driver does not deliver the order at all - a fine of 500 rubles.
- Award of 1000 on a monthly basis in the absence of being late for work, and timely submission of documents and gc.- Driver is not connected during normal business hours (sat phone, there is no connection, and so on) - a fine of 500 rubles. The phone should be charged.
- The award can be assessed on the personal discretion of the management.- Rudeness and rude customer communications - breaking labor contract at the initiative of the company.

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