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Logistics automation

No business can be successful for a long time in a competitive market without an effective infrastructure. You can get a slight advantage due to the introduction of ERP-system-level print barcodes for those entering the warehouse of goods. But really inaccessible to competitors you will become when every step of loading the goods, before printing the accompanying documents will be optimized and put under the control of a common information system.

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Automation sales

While the company's sales are occasional, you can count on talented prodazhnika. But the real in-line sales can be arranged only if you have the company has implemented sensible CRM-system. Not a single person without the aid of automation will not be able to maintain an interest in such a large number of clients with which a beginner can operate armed quality tools for active sales - CRM-system, IP-telephony, Lead generation system and open source parsers contacts.

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Solutions for Financial Management

The control of financial flows within the organization. Investment instruments. Accounting system and redistribution customers and partners. Solutions for banks and credit institutions. Tools for calculating financial risks. Skorringovye system for borrowers. Accounting system and the redistribution of insurance risks. System of tax and accounting.

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Solutions for public authorities

Federal target program "Electronic Russia (2002-2010)" and "Information Society (2011-2020)", as well as the overall direction of public policy on the widespread introduction of information technologies by themselves are not sufficient to ensure that the work of government bodies become more efficient and use the full potential of various automation systems. An appropriate momentum by officials and responsible approach in the implementation of these systems.

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Information Security companies

Well posed protection information system from malfunction or leakage of information is a top priority in its development. 80% of cases of violation of the enterprise is not due to the carelessness of employees or harmful actions, but because of the lack of basic protection within the system "foolproof". Our analysts are able to detect all weaknesses in the current system, to prevent possible failures and break-ins, and minimize the damage caused by malicious actions.

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The integration of disparate systems

Large enterprises often suffer from the fact that even in the presence of some relatively user-friendly automation systems of individual stages of work requires so much work on the coordination of their work, it seems that it is easier to give up any of Automation and return to the good old bureaucratic methods operation. In order to prevent this from happening need thoughtful analysis of the entire system and the integration of its various parts, so that the information from the accounting automatically fall into the accounting system used in the warehouse, and all of this information would be available in a convenient form of the sales department, and so on.

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About company

  • HA ALLIANCE exists in the Russian market since 2008.

    We entered the market at the peak of the crisis in our country to help entrepreneurs thoroughly reduce their costs. That is why we know how to do it correctly. And we did it!

    The crisis is over, and we continue to help our customers reduce costs, without stopping.

  • HA ALLIANCE - complex problem solving.

    The system of our company - the synthesis of 24-hour working day and seven-day work week.

    Today, permanent staff, constantly working in our group of companies - more than 1,450 people!

    The system of our company - employment growth and the performance of each employee.

  • The company's goal - the adaptation of the market under the economic efficiency of the system.

    Our aim is that each of our partners involved in its direct operations with a maximum expenditure of time and effort just for this activity and did not waste any time, nor the power of the questions that we can solve.


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