Ensuring information security

The only way to protect information belonging to you 100% - is to make it useless. In all other cases, there is always a chance of breaking. The case when, for greater security, one bank kept the benchmark server disconnected not only from the Internet, but also from the usual power to the data on it so they could not hurt. Specially trained people come once a day with a drive to update the information and for as long as he worked with the server it can supply power from the UPS. So, when hackers took destroy the data on the server (where stored checksums, which allow to distinguish real money transfers, false), they broke into the control system uninterruptible power supplies and submitted to the server so intense that he was just burned out. So a 100% protection of any valuable information does not exist.

This was bad news. But there is good. If you do hack your system obviously more expensive than other methods of competition, the hack you will be simply unprofitable and you can not be afraid of any hacker.

Group companies Alliance has a vast experience in the administration of security policies in the current system, Data Protection and development of access control systems . High reliability and resiliency of our systems have proven themselves not only among financial institutions, but also among the companies working with large databases of customers' personal data, as well as information representing commercial or state secrets . We can work with a variety of data encryption technologies, and how we can save customer data and decrypt the data, the key to which was lost.

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