Shuttle buses staff at night

Many industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as construction work around the clock in an effort to maximize profits and firmly consolidate its position on the market today. With this schedule staff of enterprises usually work in different shifts, including at night. For workers, the workers on the night shift, getting to and from work is quite problematic, so the question arises about the organization razvozok night.

Автопарк — автобусыPurchase vehicles and contain its fleet, as well as to hire drivers can not afford not every enterprise. In addition, the organization razvozok - it quite troublesome. If your business operates around the clock, or any event was delayed until late, and you need the services of Staff Shuttle buses at night - feel free to contact our company.

Минивэн АЛЬЯНС АВТОWe operate in the market for overhead conveying personnel long enough and guarantee quality service. Thanks to our existing large enough autopark, we can provide a vehicle for the transport of different number of personnel. For transportation of small groups of people we offer comfortable minibuses for groups more - comfortable buses. All buses are cleaned before departure.

All of our fleet vehicles are in good condition, and the drivers have great experience and deliver the staff at your destination quickly and safely. That's why you can trust us conveying personnel at any distance at all times, including at night.

Contacting ALLIANCE AUTO for services on the organization of staff razvozki night has the following advantages:

  • Reduce the cost of transportation of employees;
  • Low-cost services for the transportation (21-24 rubles / km);
  • Free expectation;
  • 485 units of equipment;
  • Drivers exclusively with Russian citizenship;
  • GPS and GLONASS location;
  • Intact buses equipped with air conditioning;
  • Monthly payment after the work performed.


If you want to take off the burden on the organization razvozok night, you can always hire the services of our company. To do this you simply call staff our call-center. Experienced operators will help to understand all the nuances, to answer your questions and recommend the most suitable for your schedule, mode of transport, and help pave the optimal route.


Opel Zafira 2011+

MAN 2011+ (80 seats)

Chevrolet Lacetti 2011+

KIA 2010+ (80 seats)

Ford Focus 2010+

Volvo 2009+ (50 seats)

Nissan Almera 2010+

Mercedes Sprinter 2013+
(19 seats)

Chevrolet Cruze 2010+


Volkswagen Crafter 2012+ (13 seats)
Fiat Ducato 2012+ (13 seats)
Citroen Jumper 2013+ (13 seats)


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