Construction of medical facilities

Строительство медицинского учреждения СПбThe health sector is currently undergoing significant changes. There is a new high-tech equipment, improved service sector, new requirements for fit and appearance of health facilities. It often happens that the construction standards of medical facilities do not have time time to be corrected and do not correspond to the level of development of the technology.

In this regard before the companies involved in the construction of new health centers face a major challenge: to build a modern complex and comply with all existing regulations. Company ALLIANCE INDUSTRIAL ready to make design and construction of health facilities in St. Petersburg in accordance with regulatory requirements and current trends in medicine. Our experts will develop a detailed business plan is entirely consistent with the wishes of the customer, and will help in the design of permits and obtaining licenses.

Медицинское учреждение СПбDesign will be conducted by highly qualified specialists from England and France, which will take into account all regulatory requirements and the fact that future medical institutions will move people with disabilities. A professional team will carry out all stages of construction, including the installation and commissioning of engineering networks, and pass the object is ready just in time.

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