Catering to enterprise

In most cases, the lack of an enterprise of the kitchen leads to the fact that the lunch break turns into races employees to the nearest coffee shop or store. As a result, the time allotted to them is not enough, which leads to fatigue and irritability staff, adversely affecting its performance. Solution to supply workers in the absence of your own kitchen will be handling the company ALLIANCE NARP, the main activity of which - catering enterprise in St. Petersburg on a regular basis.
We provide a range of services of the highest quality, focused power to address the issue of employees. Depending on the customer we can arrange dining enterprise, line distribution for employees or delivery set menus contact.

The main advantage of applying to our company is that for catering at the company, do not need a specially equipped dining room. You just select our spare room where we develop Perevoznaya "Buffet handout." After the workers ate, "Buffet distributing" rolled, and the room is released. Easy and simple.
When you contact us you will not have to spend money on organizing your own dining room: look for suitable premises in all respects, to be spent on equipment and repair, preparation lunch menu, as well as the salaries of professional chefs. We'll take care of the catering enterprises themselves. Translation outsourcing supply in your company will help to avoid unnecessary costs and hassle, allowing you to fully concentrate its attention and resources on their business.


Organization of the dining room

Catering staff on a permanent basis in a dedicated customer premises. Large finished food in special cold boxes and distribution in the buffet or table. The dishes are prepared only from natural ingredients and are available in a wide range. We guarantee a high quality service at minimal prices.

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Organization of distribution lines

Organization Perevoznaya "buffet-transfer" in an office provided by the customer. Implementation services on an ongoing basis. Food delivery in finished or half-baked as in special containers. High quality food and excellent service, regardless of the number of employees. Large selection of ready meals for good price.

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Delivery of meals

Complete meals delivery service on the premises. All dishes are made from natural products. Food quality is confirmed by certificates. Meals are packed in disposable dishes and bring in special containers. Customer allocates space for the power of its employees and the self-organizing distribution.

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Our advantages

Length of work

Work experience of production since 1991. The company was purchased by GK alliance in 2008 and completely restructured.

Ladoga station

Catering in the construction of the Ladoga station. Highest score of the Governor while testing the power of employees of the construction company.


The catering staff at the plant satellites are Hyundai.

Terms and prices

The set menu115 to 155 rub.
First courseMeat dishGarnish
Afternoon snack+45 rub.
Flour productsDrink

About company

  • HA ALLIANCE exists in the Russian market since 2008.

    We entered the market at the peak of the crisis in our country to help entrepreneurs thoroughly reduce their costs. That is why we know how to do it correctly. And we did it!

    The crisis is over, and we continue to help our customers reduce costs, without stopping.

  • HA ALLIANCE - complex problem solving.

    The system of our company - the synthesis of 24-hour working day and seven-day work week.

    Today, permanent staff, constantly working in our group of companies - more than 1,450 people!

    The system of our company - employment growth and the performance of each employee.

  • The company's goal - the adaptation of the market under the economic efficiency of the system.

    Our aim is that each of our partners involved in its direct operations with a maximum expenditure of time and effort just for this activity and did not waste any time, nor the power of the questions that we can solve.


Our contacts

St. Petersburg,
Leninsky Prospekt 168.
Warsaw highway 1.
8 (800) 700-00-11

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