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Company ALLIANCE PROM is building industrial facilities in St. Petersburg. We have been working in the construction market and guarantee a high level of quality of all work performed. Our company provides a wide spectrum of services, which includes the construction of warehouses, industrial, steel plants, various industrial buildings and structures, medical institutions, restaurants, cafes, bars, and other commercial facilities. In addition, we provide a lining of engineering networks and communications, as well as the construction of infrastructure.
We carry all the orders at the highest level in its entirety, from the design of future industrial buildings before commissioning. Our service includes the holding of the so-called "zero cycle of construction," ie, implementation of all the preparatory work on the territory of the future building. Our company is committed to work with construction documentation, including permission to industrial construction in St. Petersburg.

The design and construction of industrial facilities experts ALLIANCE INDUSTRIAL try to take into account all the features of the future building, technological processes, which is scheduled to run in it, the type of equipment, the presence of vibrations applied to the danger of such an object under construction enterprises. When working strictly with all rules and regulations, and the quality of the performance of all strictly monitored by our top managers. Also, we try to do everything to operate the finished buildings require you to minimal costs.
Our clients can count on the smooth implementation of all stages of construction and commissioning of a industrial building as soon as possible. Upon completion of construction we will work on beautification of the neighborhood and the building itself and carry out garbage, saving the customer the hassle. If necessary, our specialists can help with the installation of technological equipment.
If you are interested in our offer, you can call operators of our call-center and learn all the details from them.

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Construction of industrial buildings and structures. Design and construction carried out by experts with years of experience, taking into account future use of the building and the processes that will be implemented in it. All phases of construction have undergone strict control exercised by the top managers of the company, which guarantees the quality of work and compliance rebuilt industrial facility with all the necessary regulations.

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Construction companies with all the features of the future facility industry: its purpose, processes, equipment type, and other parameters. Large fleet of construction equipment, highly qualified specialists and the use of modern materials - all this allows the customer to count on the services of the highest quality.

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Construction cinemas, cafes, bars and restaurants of "turnkey" in compliance with all necessary regulations. Preparation and approval of the necessary documentation for the construction, design for future use of the building, installation of utilities and landscaping. Working in the company's specialists will carry out all stages of construction at the highest level, for what will make sure our top managers.

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Construction of medical institutions of the modern sample with all regulatory standards. In the design, carried out by foreign experts, creating conditions for the movement of people with disabilities. At all stages of the construction is carried out quality control of the work, which are guaranteed to be completed on time.

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Design and construction of shopping centers in St. Petersburg experts with years of experience. The comprehensive preparatory work and development of the project with the existing rules and regulations, planning customer flows and other parameters. All stages of work are controlled by our senior management.

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About company

  • HA ALLIANCE exists in the Russian market since 2008.

    We entered the market at the peak of the crisis in our country to help entrepreneurs thoroughly reduce their costs. That is why we know how to do it correctly. And we did it!

    The crisis is over, and we continue to help our customers reduce costs, without stopping.

  • HA ALLIANCE - complex problem solving.

    The system of our company - the synthesis of 24-hour working day and seven-day work week.

    Today, permanent staff, constantly working in our group of companies - more than 1,450 people!

    The system of our company - employment growth and the performance of each employee.

  • The company's goal - the adaptation of the market under the economic efficiency of the system.

    Our aim is that each of our partners involved in its direct operations with a maximum expenditure of time and effort just for this activity and did not waste any time, nor the power of the questions that we can solve.


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