Construction of shopping complexes

Строителство торгового центра спбConstruction of shopping centers must be not only in view of the existing building and hygiene standards, and many other parameters. Thus, the design of the shopping complex shall be such as to ensure the comfort and convenience of tenants space travel a large number of people at the mall. In addition, it will be necessary to plan the flow of customers. All this will require involvement of specialists of different professions: marketers, designers, planners, engineers, construction workers, as well as analysis of vast amounts of information.

The rich experience in the use of the latest technologies, modern equipment and the best building materials - all this allows us ALLIANCE INDUSTRIAL perform construction work on a professional level. We have rich experience in designing and the construction of shopping complexes in St. Petersburg of various sizes, the destination, the complexity and number of floors, as well as design and installation of various utilities and communications. In addition, our experts will help establish basic technological equipment.

Торговый комплекс СПбBefore, how to begin designing the mall, our employees spend a decent amount of work. It includes site selection and analysis, identification of the destination object of goods and services, the number of floors, the total area of the object, its layout, and more. According to the results, draw up detailed concept of the future object of trade, upon which our specialists will carry out with a decent experience integrated design shopping complex.

Торговый центр СПбAlso, our company will take care of all related to the harmonization of documents and the examination of the project and its implementation, and the highest top management to control of the appropriate implementation of all stages of the construction of the shopping center from the preparatory work prior to entry into service of the finished building.


Строителство торгового комплексаWe guarantee our customers to conduct construction in a short time, in full compliance with all standards and building regulations, and at the same time to give full attention to its quality. In addition, the design and construction will be carried out so that the operating costs of a facility were minimal.

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