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Склад интернет магазинаRecently, more and more commercial establishments use the services of cleaning companies. Advantages of cooperation with them are obvious: the customer may transfer the care of the Office Cleaning third party, and the focus on their core activities.

Company ALLIANCE CRYSTAL provides professional cleaning services in St. Petersburg. One of the directions of our work is the Office Cleaning.

Cleaning medical institutions

This service involves a particularly thorough cleaning with detergents and disinfectants. When cleaning medical facilities, we use only clean equipment and multifunction trolley makes our work easier and increases the speed of cleaning.

hotel cleaning rooms and

Hotel Housekeeping includes not only housekeeping and cleaning of common areas. Each room should be cleaned in accordance with certain rules and security requirements. We usually do housekeeping in the morning, and the common areas, usually at night.

Office cleaning

To create a favorable environment for the working people in the office, it is necessary to carry out daily cleaning of office space. Should be carried out regularly, the General office cleaning. Company ALLIANCE crystal has rich experience in the field of cleaning. The result of our work will be the perfect cleanliness of premises and healthy work environment.

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Cleaning of warehouse

Warehouses do not require daily cleaning, so much more appropriate would be hiring an outside cleaning company, rather than the content of their own staff. Company ALLIANCE CRYSTAL ready to take on all the hassle to maintain cleanliness in warehouses. We will arrange with the cleaning intervals to fit each individual customer.

Cleaning cinemas

After the screening of the film in the cinema is a huge amount of debris, so it needs cleaning after each session. You also need to periodically clean seats and carpets with special tools. The company produces both ALLIANCE CRYSTAL daily cleaning cinemas , and monthly general cleaning using professional cleaning products.

Cleaning of commercial premises

Cleaning malls, shops and other commercial space - not an easy task. The constant movement of so many people makes it difficult. Company ALLIANCE crystal has a lot of experience in cleaning of retail space and guarantee high quality services.

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High qualification, professional equipment and tools - all this allows us to provide the best quality cleaning services;

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Modern cleaning equipment our staff includes a wide range of devices and machines, enabling them to significantly increase the speed and quality of cleaning.

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Our customers value their time ordering cleaning services with us. Cleaning - a necessary service for modern people who understand that every job is better to entrust professionals.


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The highly qualified staff of our company have the best quality cleaning services.



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