Construction of industrial plants

Строительство промышленного предприятияConstruction industries must take account of the set parameters. These include the appointment of a building under construction, particularly the technological processes that are scheduled to run in it, and substances that are involved in these processes, the presence of vibrations, and more. Only when all these conditions are built industrial facility will stand for many years.

In addition, plant construction for the production should be carried out so as to be able to further its expansion without interruption of basic technological processes. All of these features must be considered already in the design phase.

Организация строительста предприятияCompany ALLIANCE INDUSTRIAL offers services for the organization of production of construction in St. Petersburg. Design will engage professionals with over 20 years experience. You can be assured that the construction of new enterprises will be made taking into account all the nuances and building codes - for it will track our top managers who control all of its stages.

Промышленное предприятиеAt our disposal is a large fleet of the most modern construction equipment, and in the state's highly qualified staff who have experience with projects of varying complexity. Thus our proposed rates will please you.

Industrial construction implies a whole range of activities, so our company apart from the design and construction of buildings directly for industrial use provides the following services:

  • Obtaining a building permit, preparation and coordination of documents;
  • Preparatory activities involving earthworks;
  • Designing communication and utilities;
  • Installation of communication and utilities;
  • Works on engineering and technical equipment of the object (installation of equipment);
  • Landscaping at the end of construction, garbage disposal.

If you are still in doubt - call our operators. They not only tell you about the benefits of cooperation with our company, but also to give the answers to all your questions.


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